Estates General of ESU: “meet the challenges of higher and university education with regard to people living with disabilities”

Lubumbashi, Saturday September 11, 2021, second day of this great mass on the Estates General of the ESU, the decord well planted. The new room called Mgr Tharcisse Tshibangu Tshishiku, room built within the grounds of the administrative building of Unilu, is well dressed in its best dress. Madame Irène Esambo Diata, Deputy Minister for Social Affairs in charge of people living with disabilities, made a strong impression there.

Speaking on this occasion, Madam first of all expressed her joy to find herself in these historic foundations and all expectations; she then thanked the University of Lubumbashi for its hospitality. At the same time, she revealed to the august assembly that she was a former student of L’Unilu and that she was proud to have been there.

“I want to say that I am a former student and graduate of the University of Lubumbashi. I am very proud to have been there. And I feel honored to participate in these meetings from which we all believe to derive resolutions that can remedy to certain problems facing the educational environment, but more particularly people living with disabilities “.

It is in this same thread of idea that she continues to discuss and expose certain unpleasant realities that people with disabilities face in the educational environment and subsequently she presents the urgency to remedy these things so that these people have improved or even favorable conditions for their training during the academic course because they deserve it.

“We want a reform in the education sector with regard to people living with disabilities.”

It was reported that Minister Irène Esambo Diata said she was optimistic for a near change that could promote the inclusion of people living with disabilities in the education sector.

Begun this Thursday 10 current, these States General are today in their second day with the start of work in committee, including 7 and two plenaries, before and afternoon. The road continues.

Stéphanie-Prexede Safi,

Journalist Intern