TFM: Responses to the allegations of Observers Frances 24 on social networks

We are aware of the allegations made on July 7 against our company by the Observers of Frances 24 on social networks and would like to clarify.

Careful observation and analysis of the broadcast video leads to a final conclusion. It was not at Tenke Fungurume Mining that the scene of the fight took place. To name just one of many: the work clothes worn by the officers in the video, starting with the color of the clothes and the logo, have nothing in common with those worn by our workers.

At Tenke Fugurume Mining, there are solid and highly operational mechanisms working not only to anticipate divisions between communities, but also to encourage a behavior of acceptance and mutual consideration in order to develop a common culture made up of values ​​of each other. , the spirit of living together. By way of illustration, training programs on internal policies and procedures are provided each year to all staff under the guidance of our legal, training and human resources departments. Another example is the recent organization of a seminar on human rights led by MONUSCO. Several internal and community stakeholders participated.

The company is characterized by a culture of mutual respect between employees as long as all pursue the same objective, that of ensuring safe and friendly production operations.

Beyond our commitments in terms of safety at work and human rights, we have developed instruments to counter any inclination likely to infringe the good working climate. For example, our series of rules known as zero tolerance rules affecting several aspects of corporate life prohibits all forms of violence, including brawls within the company, under penalty of exemplary sanction of up to on dismissal.

In addition, our work safety system is organized into cells to monitor compliance with the work safety instructions and recommendations. These cells are present in all departments and sections of the company. This structuring is also present in the subcontractors operating within TFM.

At the same time, the operations team carries out daily rounds and visits to all sections of the company, those under construction as well as existing ones. In this way, the general management is aware in real time of any situation within the company. However, if there has been a fight, the incident cannot escape our discipline mechanism, the rules of which apply equally to any employee on the site.

All these instruments are a factor in establishing a culture of trust and mutual respect between individuals and communities.

The issue of leave was also raised. Note that the working hours are determined in such a way as to allow smooth shifts and allow employees to have time to reconstitute themselves. After-hours work is paid as overtime in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreement and other human resource management procedures. Likewise, holidays, in all their forms, are observed in accordance with the provisions as defined by the collective agreement and the labor code.

Note also that, according to a cycle determined by the labor code and under the supervision of the provincial labor inspectorate, the company organizes union elections, and we have one of the best collective agreements in the country.

TFM remains open to appeals from all parties. Our departments in charge of external relations and communication are always available to receive requests and channel them to general management for processing and response.

Tenke Fugurume Mining is always ready to work for the well-being of its employees and the surrounding communities as well as to contribute in full citizenship to the development of the Democratic Republic of Congo.