Like other cities in the DRC, the city of Lubumbashi is facing a shortage of drinking water. Newer housing estates are the areas in greatest difficulty, and the Kalubwe district is one of them.

Existing for more than a decade, this district has never been connected to the water distribution network of the city of Lubumbashi.

Complaints heard, prayers answered. Thanks to funding from the World Bank, the regideso has undertaken work to connect the district to its network. So the population has observed with joy, for 5 months, the work being carried out by a Chinese company on avenue Biayi mainly. The digging of the trenches, the laying of pipes with high pressure tees, the deviation of the piping towards secondary axes, this work has been accomplished at an accelerated pace since July 16 under the awe of the inhabitants who hope to put an end to it soon. the ordeal of yellow cans lined up in front of dug wells or in front of extremely rare drilled wells.

Soon the water of the regideso in kalubwe! it remains to ward off untimely cuts.